In early 2007, Adam Francesconi and Jay Ramsey had an opportunity to
take up a residency at (Proof) Martini Lounge in downtown Detroit.
House Gallery was the name they chose for this weekly endeavor.

The idea behind the night was to bring true house music to the ears of
the random mix of patrons making their way into the space. Starting
most nights with deep and soulful house became part of that formula.
There were a lot of fresh ears to lull so occasionally you could also
here a house remix of a familiar artist or even Michael Jackson. As
the crowd warmed up to the sound, a more grooving and jackin’ house
was introduced and brought things to a boil! By closing time, there
was always a full house. Everyone with a smile and glistening with
sweat. Love was in the air!

Once the residency started to take shape and build a loyal crowd, it
was time to pay homage and expand. They chose to do so by inviting
the legends of the Detroit house sound to play the closing sets. This
brought the true “heads” out and helped spread the word that the House
Gallery nights were truly and honestly a good time.

In December of 2009, (Proof) unfortunately closed it’s doors. At this
time the decision was made to keep things moving forward with the
House Gallery name. Adam and Jay also decided to bring another piece
into the game. They asked Jason Garcia, who had been their sound man
from day one, to officially join HG.

Due to the varying style and sound of each of the three dj’s, you can
expect to hear a range from classic house and Detroit techno tracks,
deep house, soulful, Chicago jack, tech house… They’ve even been
known to bring live instruments into the mix!

The crew has held residencies at (Proof), Gracie’s Underground, Oslo,
Mars Bar, Grasshopper Pub, The Red Grape and Motor City Wine. They’ve
been featured in 944 magazine as well as playing the anniversary party
for the mag. Also, in September of 2010 they organized the Electronic
music stage at the DIY festival in Ferndale.