J.Garcia has loved the art of sound as long as he can remember. He
could sit under a tree and listen to the patterns nature would
provide, imaginatively manipulating them in his head. Music was
always close by. At the earliest stage it was Motown in car rides
with his mother. Rock with his father. 80’s pop with his sister.
Then his friends introduced him to hip hop in 84. That’s where he
dove in and took notice of the B-boy culture. It was very intriguing
that music, dance and art formed a togetherness among people, yet was
unaccepted by most (the mainstream). That togetherness was later
found again when he went to his first underground party in Detroit.
Everyone was into the music, dancing and expressing themselves in many

Jason had been dj’ing hip-hop at house parties since the early 90’s
and started working on production in 96. He found Techno and House
music in 98 and his focus quickly shifted from his slowly dying
fondness of Hip Hop to dance music.

Jason’s track selection spans the majority of sub genres under the
house and techno umbrella, though he has a fondness for the deeper
side of things.

In the early 2000’s Jason held residencies at Pontiac’s Tonic
Nightclub and smaller bars in the suburbs.

2006-2009 had a residency at (Proof) and since has held residencies
along with his House Gallery partners at Oslo, Gracie’s Underground,
Mars Bar, Grasshopper Pub and Motorcity Wine.