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Adam Francesconi- Badeya (Remix)

  • Release date: 2012-03-12
  • Label: Truth Manifest Records
  • Catalog #: TMR-005

1. Badeya Remixes -Original Mix Malik Alston
2. Badeya Remixes – Craig Huckaby C.B.R. Mix
3. Badeya Remixes – Doc Link’s Liberate Mix
4. Badeya Remixes- Pirahnahead Mix
5. Badeya Remixes- Bee Dub Mix
6. Badeya Remixes – Ray Island Mix
7. Badeya Remixes – Malik Disco Mix
8. Badeya Remixes – Adam Francesconi Mix

T.M.R. brings you Badeya Remixes – New heat from Pirahnahead, Malik Alston, Doc Link, Craig Huckaby, and more! Entangle your body with the rhythms of Badeya!Badeya – A magical, mystical place where love awaits on tropical breezes…..hypnotic, sensual vocals and rhythms calling you.….river-deep percussion taking you all the way to paradise….. “you make me feel so…..good inside”….. “Bah bah bah, bah Badeya…..” Malik Alston, Jesse Outlaw and Taebo collaborated on this divine voyage to desire, designed to make you lose your mind on the dance floor. A special gem from Malik’s This Music Is Life disc, we simply couldn’t wait to bring it to you remix style. Badeya Remixes captures the exciting, vibrant pulse of life and love. Truth Manifest serves up eight delicious tracks that explore Badeya, each one driving up the temperature on fantasy. Craig Huckaby’s C.B.R. Mix flies straight to the motherland and scoops up African soul and Cuban polyrhythms, lacing the beat with hot, intricate percussion….so magnetic! Doc Link’s Liberate Mix goes into the heart of electro dub .…..housing it up with Chi-town flavor, just the way we like it ……get your groove on and rip the floor. Pirahnahead’s P’Mix grabs the ear and tugs it erotically, with thumping bass and an extra helping of world beat……while Malik’s vocals tempt you to ride, leading you into the space that is Badeya. Bee’s Dub Mix is Jovantte’s take on the definition of funky, turning it up like a sexy dancer, with Badriyyah’s silky-smooth vocalese lighting the fire. Ray 7’s Island Mix calls up the soulful, percussive side of the drum – heat from the tropical rhythms intertwine with Malik’s vocals, ta king you where you want to be. Malik’s Disco Mix is captivating and sensual, transporting you to the world of Badeya……love never sounded so good, so real.…..you can touch it. Adam Francesconi’s Mix is seductive and deep, making you move on his trip to Badeya – the vibe grabs hold of you and never, never lets go. Let us take you to Badeya – where your dreams come alive, again and again……. TMR-005 ℗ & © 2007, 2010 Truth Manifest Records, Spank That Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Many thanks to all of the artists on the project, and to Pirahnahead for mastering on the project. Peace:Malik Alston