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J.Garcia’s “What’s At Stake” Released

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J. Garcia releases his first E.P. “What’s At Stake” on Hej Records.

Side 1
1. J.Garcia – What’s At Stake
2. J. Garcia – Candle On The Lake
Side 2
1. J. Garcia – What’s At Stake (Miro Pajic remix)
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The title track WHATS AT STAKE is beautiful with is deep dubby bass and haunting atmospheric synth lines. The warm chugging of the drums and the crispy high hats create an infectious momentum. For this release, Lazerslut label boss, MIRO PAJIC, delivers a stunning eleven and half minute rework of WHATS AT STAKE. He completely transforms the track into atmospheric techno journey.

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Beginning with a trippy spatial intro that builds hypnotically, working you until the bass drops that will have the dance floor on fire.PUNISHER (DETROIT) gives her take on WHATS AT STAKE with a slower paced remix featuring some added vocal snippets by ELORA. Effected pieces of the original melodies echo over the rich warm bass and chunky beats. Another gem from J. GARCIA, CANDLE ON THE LAKE is alive with an array of micro percussion and electrified noises fluttering around the experimental beats. Unearthly tones and thick sub sounds make for a hot groove.
Detroit native JOSH SURMA delivers a remix of CANDLE ON THE LAKE that really captures the fusion between house and experimental techno. Glitchy percussion artfully sequenced over a driving beat. Complemented with lush droning keys and a driving low end. The next one from J. GARCIA, Trolls is the most abstract out of all the tunes. Staggered tribal drums roll through the mix of alien soundscapes, delayed blips, bizarre vocal tidbits, and some deep dark subs. J. GARCIAS tune BELMONT begins with some solid sassy percussion and is soon joined by a warm synth bass. The keyboard line is amazing all throughout the track complete with a proper jam session. HEJ RECORDS : Making a mark in the evolution of musical energy

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